Privacy Policy

How important is your private information? Do you concern yourself with privacy policies on various websites? Ever bother to read one of these policies in its entirety? I can save you the trouble. Basically they all say that the people you are dealing with can use any and all information you give them for anything they see fit.

Privacy policies merely protect others from prosecution. It is a legal disclaimer. Should you incurr some sort of difficulty regarding disclosure of your private information, they are covered with no real legal liability.

So, here we are again. How important is your private information? If it has any importance at all, dont give it out. If the site you are dealing with requires information for registration, make something up. But that is fraudulent! Indeed, and so is their privacy policy. Goose and gander situation. What works on one should be good for the other.

Let your concience by your guide. Just dont get taken by the nonsense in privacy policies.

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