Selling Radios

Over the years I have sold many a radio. Sometimes I made a modest profit. More often I took a loss. More recently I considered myself lucky to break even. The common thread here is that they did sell.

I have been offering a complete ham radio station for sale for over a month now. I have had four seemingly serious inquiries and three offers to buy, but no one seems to have the means to pay for it.

So here I sit with my Kenwood TS-120-S, Kenwood PS-30 power supply, and Shure HM-28 desk microphone. All this stuff works, is in excellent condition, well cared for by its original, non-smoking owner. The whole shebang can be yours for $290 including shipping to your front door.

Hmmm..$290 dont buy much today and $50 of it is wasted on shipping. The equipment is extra. I do have plenty of other stuff that does the same thing.

Including this post, I have spent entirely too much time chasing a dollar amount that does not make much difference to me. Three times I have had prospects change their minds about buying. There has to be a clear message in there somewhere.

Yup, there are easier ways to make money. I will just work a little smarter, get $290 through the effort, deposit it in my bank account and keep the equipment. It is probably worth more than $290 to me as a standby rig. Besides, I can save $50 on the deal because it is already here and does not need to be shipped.

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