Smoking Ads

No, these are not hot, these are ads concerning the smoking of cigarettes. They are cleverly disguised as ads aimed at preventing kids from smoking cigarettes, but they mention that cancer causing product nonetheless.

Talk about a coup! I am told that those ads were court ordered as part of a settlement in the governments case against tabacco companies.

Can our government do anything right? Good call on making them sponser public service ads on the hazzards of smoking but allowing them to identify themselves just reminds people who made and still makes cigarettes.

Hey folks, they are still here and they are still a legal product. We still make them and you can still buy them at any store. So, if you are not underage, run down to the corner market and light up.

Okay, I know that is not in the ads but it might as well be, because that is what exsmokers hear.

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