Proof Positive

Ever wonder how we can prove that what we are doing is preventing something that did not happen?

Once upon a time there was a red neck named Bubba. Bubba was not an ordinary red neck. His IQ was higher than the number to which he could count. Bubba was smart. So smart that he took pre-emptive caution whenever he could, even though he lived in a very safe part of Kansas.

One of his pre-emptive measures was the wearing of an unusual pendant. Not only was it unusual it was also large and never failed to elicit comment. When asked what it was for, Bubba would claim that it kept the wild stampeding elephants away.

“But there are no wild stampeding elephants in Kansas,” the curious would reply.

“See, it works real good, don’t it”, would be Bubba’s reply.

Are there wild stampeding elephants in your neighborhood? Maybe you need a pendant like Bubba’s.

It is better to be safe than sorry. I wonder, can you be safe and sorry at the same time?

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