Goodbye Ebay

After nearly 400 sales over the last few years through ebay auctions I have decided to throw in the towel with regard to future ebay dealings. I now have other options that are more attractive.

I came to this conclusion during the recent sale of a higher ticket item. I had some electronics equipment that was worth upwards of 2000 dollars. Listing it on ebay and paying a percentage of the final bid price would have cost me 200 dollars or more.

I dont know of any service that ebay provides now or would ever be capable of providing that I could value at more than 50 dollars. Not willing to cut them in for such a large share of the sale, I decided to sell it off ebay. It took a little longer but it was worth it.

Then it occured to me that if it was becoming too expensive to use ebay for big ticket items, maybe I should stop using ebay altogether. Seems that ebay was increasingly being targeted by scammers and cheats and not providing any real options to deal with the increasingly prevelant fraud potential. When you add those two negatives together, you end up with an easy decision.

I allowed my billing information to expire and did not renew it.

So bye bye ebay. It was fun while it lasted but I can’t afford you anymore.

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