This is a Political Ad

When I hear that phrase I turn my mind off. Put it in neutral until the danger is past. Can you believe the lies of a liar when he is lying? I used to think one party was more likely to stretch the truth than the other. Now I am not so sure. I think it is a thing politicians use to win favor. I am not sure how lying wins favor. I am not a politician. Evidently politicians must believe in the power of lies or they would not all be so quick to use these tools of deception.

Lately they refer to it as spin. Putting a favorable spin on an unfavorable event. HA! That is just a lie smothered in the gravy of self delusion and ultimate denial. Had I tried that kind of ‘spin’ on my parents when I was young they would have spun my ripe young butt into a corner and kept it there for a week.

I think that is what should be done to these self indulgent politicians. Of both parties.

Used to be you could tell what a candidate would do by his party affiliation. Now days you have liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats. What does that mean?

I guess that is better than those claiming to be moderates. Moderate my behind! They pander to all until they get elected, then, off comes the sheeps clothing and you find out that they are extremists of the most unpleasent kind.

Stuff like that makes it difficult to vote with any sort of conviction. I have often thought there should be a third option in every election. A vote for no. If it is a vote for Governor, there should be a no vote indicating a desire to do without a Governor until the next election. Works for presidents, congressmen, and senators too. Vote no and force them to get real jobs.

You could say this writer is undecided. Hell, I am damn well confused and frustrated too. This election I am going to do a write-in vote. Where ever I can I am going to write in my name because I seem to be the only one I care to trust.

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