With a major election only weeks away I thought it might be good to review some before and after scenarios of past elections.

Before:I promise no new taxes.
After:So they increased the rate on the old taxes as high as possible.

Before:I will fix all the potholes.
After:Now we need a bond issue to raise the money to fix the potholes.

Before:Vote for me, I promise a change.
After: Yeah, we got change all right. Taxes went up, the economy tanked, stock market came close to crashing and we were repeatedly attacked by terrorists.

Before:No tax breaks for the rich.
After:No tax breaks for anyone. Rich was defined as anyone who has any money at all.

Before:I promise a bipartisan ownership of power.
After:We discovered that the definition of bipartisan was:’What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine too, and I am going to keep it all.”

Before:I am a moderate.
After:No, he turned out to be crooked through and through. No moderation at all.

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