Where is the BEEF!

Some years ago that expression was made famous by a little old lady asking ‘where is the beef’ as she inspected her recently purchased hamburger. The ad was very popular and parodied relentlessly.

For some time now our Texas governor has promised Texas property owners relief from unrealistically high property taxes. He actually estimated the relief to be an average of 2000 dollars per year per property owner.

I recently got my letter from the tax people and discovered that my property tax had increased!

Where is the BEEF?!

This Perry fellow must think we are all stupid! I bet ‘Perry’ is an old indian name meaning ‘fellow who thinks people are stupid’.

His answer to this abusive behavior is to justify it by claiming that the increase would have been much higher had he not had a hand in it.

I say it is time to remove the hands of government from our pocketbooks.

Matters not who is or is not in office. They all live off taxes and can live better the more taxes they collect. They all make promises they don’t keep, to steal votes they don’t deserve, to grow rich on tax money wasted on programs and services that are close to worthless.

No, we don’t politicians. We need a grass roots proposition like they had in California some years ago. Something that really will deliver the beef. Or at least let us keep our share of it.

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