Fair and Balanced

I have never given much thought to the phrase ‘fair and balance’. I just accepted the term but lately it has begun to annoy me because it has no definite meaning when used to qualify a news program. Fair to whom? What about balanced, does that mean there are as many facts as fantasies in the reports? Or does it refer to an even mix of bad and good?

The term ‘fair and balanced news’ means that someone’s definition of fair and balanced has been applied before the story is told. Or, put another way, the story had been doctored and they want you to believe that it is okay because the doctorer is fair and balanced.

Any doctoring of a news story is done to be unfair to someone or something and people engaged in that action are anything but balanced. It takes a completely unbalanced person to think that such action will be accepted by any educated audience.

I am fresh out of patience with news that is made up, doctored, or non-factual. For a news program to make claims that their stories are more than just the facts, condemns them to be considered as part of an ever increasing group of silly propagandists.

The facts mam, just the facts. If you are not sure as to what happened, I am not interested in your version of what you think might have happened, or should have happened, or would have happened if you ruled the world.

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