Not long ago we had an election. In addition to the ‘public servants’ seeking election and re-election we also had a proposition to allow sale of ‘adult’ beverages in our local area.

Deciding it was about time our burg joined the 21st century, I voted in favor of the proposition. In truth I really did not care about the advantages and disadvantages of such a proposition. It just seemed that it was about time to repeal prohibition on a local scale.

Now it seems that was not enough. Apparently our burg is divided into sections and all sections are not covered by the approval of the original proposition so now those in the sections which were not covered have to collect 60k signatures to appeal to the governing body to hold an additional election. I may have some of the details wrong but I do know that there is additional effort required to approve this proposition for all of the burg we live in. A classic situation of the tail wagging the dog. (I am in favor of a petition to get rid of the idiots that set this up. This so called ‘governing body’ needs its ashed hauled, right now and before it has a chance to screw us again. )

That alone is enough to rub me the wrong way, because I know for a fact that all this complexity is caused by some undeserving clod rigging things to make it work for him regardless of how it effects the citizens. This is a common practice of politicians. Especially those who claim they are in there to make a difference. Only they don’t come completely clean in revealing that the difference they are striving for is the embellishment of their riches.

My phone rings. I am not expecting any calls so I let the machine answer. Imagine my surprise to discover that it is a call from a machine appraising me of the dry versus wet conflict resulting from the recent election. Furthermore they promise to waste more of my resources by sending around someone with paperwork for me to sign. A petition.

I just voted in favor of selling ‘adult’ beverages locally not a week ago. Why are you bothering me again with this waste of time!!?? At least that was the question in my mind.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Then I came to the realization that these miscreants had just used my private telephone and my private answering machine to ruin my afternoon. I have heard it said that it is better to pissed off than to be pissed on. I think I am suffering both.

Campaigning via private telephone using the private resources of the people you are seeking as voters on your behalf should be OUTLAWED !!! Why? Because it pisses people off! It is like spam in email. Do you really think that the offers submitted through spam are going to be acted on by people receiving this unwanted material?

I pity the fool they are going to send around to get my signature on the the petition. He might leave with a bill for unauthorized use of private property but there will be no signature on the petition from this house.

There is no way I can support the issues of people who do not respect personal rights and property. Even if I am in agreement with those issues. First impressions are all important. A bad first impression deserves an equally poor response regardless of the content.

Besides, I don’t consume enough ‘adult’ beverages to really care about the issue. I do support a 24-7 telephone system that I would prefer not be abused.

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