Handy Homer

When I go to the home improvement center I tell people I am going to Handy Homer’s. Sometimes they ask me ‘what?’. Sometimes they just ignore the comment.

To call these places ‘home improvement centers’ might be a conflict in terms. Sure, they have lots of products used in the home, around the house, even building supplies, but improvement depends on how they are used not in what they are.

Over the years the area I live in has had several large home improvement type stores. All of them being places where you can buy hardware and building materials at a discount. At one time we used to have a chain of Handy Dan stores. Then came Homers. Now Home Depot and Lowes.

Handy Homer’s is a combination of Handy Dan and Homers. It is also a play on words referring to Homer Simpson of the cartoon character Homer Simpson. If you have ever watched even one episode of the ‘The Simpson’s’ you will appreciate the irony. Homer Simpson is anything but handy. Homer Simpson has far too many human traits that are self destructive. Home improvement centers have far too much material that could be dangerous when used by people with too many self destructive human traits. Hence the term Handy Homers.

Old timers, like me, appreciate the irony. Now, knowing the history, maybe the young wippersnappers can appreciate it too. Wippersnappers, you know, anyone under the age of 50.

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