Debian Upgrade

I have been using Debian Sarge, the latest stable release, for some time now on two computers. It has been stable. At least I have not experienced any incidences that I would consider unstable.

Still, I have always been wanting to upgrade to the 2.6 kernel. Debian Sarge uses the 2.4 kernel. The 2.6 kernel has some nice features that are missing from the 2.4 kernel.

So, I decided to investigate what it would take to upgrade. Forget it. Too much effort for an upgrade. Which is a real disappointment because I was so happy to find such a nice net installation for Sarge.

Well, there is also a nice net installation for Etch, the 2.6 version of the kernel. The best way (for me) to upgrade was to nuke everything in the 2.4 version and start over by installing Etch. That was easy for me to do since I did not have much invested. I did have mysql, apache2 and wordpress installed but those things are easy to reinstall. Much easier that it would have been to try and upgrade from the 2.4 kernel.

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