Install WordPress

We are going to assume that you will be using PHP, Apache2, and mysql and that all this software is already installed and running on the computer that will have wordpress installed on it.

First unzip the wordpress software. After it unzip, it will have formed a wordpress directory with all the software located in that directory or in directories beneath it. This should occur in the home directory of the target machine running a version of Linux.

While in that home directory with the new wordpress directory in view while you are in a terminal as root or at least with root privileges issue the following command:

Debian-Etch#mv wordpress /var/www/apache2-default/

This will move the wordpress software into the apache2-default directory. It is assumed that the webserver Apache2 is installed such that it will allow software to be served from the apache2-default directory.

Go to /var/www/apache2-default and issue the following command:

chmod 755 wordpress

Now go to /var/www/apache2-default/wordpress/
Do an ls or dir. Locate the file wp-sample-config.php.


Debian-Etch#vi wp-sample-config.php

Edit the file by changing the mysql user (root) and the mysql password (root_pwd) and make sure that the database title is correct. It should be wordpress.

Save the file as wp-config.php.

Now startup a browser either on the Linux machine or on a machine that is on the LAN.

Address the IP of the the machine that has the target wordpress software. For example

You will get a screen complaining that wordpress has not yet been installed. There will be a blue link to a file that will take care of the installation. Just click on that link and follow the instructions on the screen. There are only three steps and the first two don’t count. The third step will give you a password and user name (probably admin) that you can use to get into the wordpress blog and begin blogging.

I any of this stuff does not work as expected, you may be missing some of the prerequisites.

Need to have the following installed and running in the background.

Apache or some other server

The server also needs to have any php enabling software installed if required. Apache needs the php software that allows it to talk via php programs to the database.

The database must be running. The database is mysql. It also needs to be set up with a password and have a database created that the wp-config.php file will call for.

Once all that is satisfied, the thing should work.

If you have gotten this far and it still will not work, seek help from someone who knows what he is doing. No, no internet browsing or phone help or other remote support. You need a real live person to come show you what needs to be done.

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