This has got to be as neat as WordPress. Gallery is a picture or photo gallery equivalent of blog software. At least that is what it appears to be to me. Uses php and mysql.

I just recently got it running on a LAN using my favorite ‘sandbox’ machine on the local network. I also have an earlier version of Gallery installed on this host. If you are curious, you can access it at . There are some baby pictures there right now. Soon there will be some ham radio related files. Scans of past magazine articles that I have permission to post. Manuals for some of the more popular boatanchors. None of this stuff is in competition with other sources. I am doing this mainly as a convenience for myself. If others find it convenient as well, so much the better.

I need to update the gallery software on the server to gallery2 so that I can use the WordPress plugin that allows selection and inclusion of pictures from gallery2 into posts (like this) and pages under WordPress.

Spending time on the sandbox with new software is very helpful in determining how to use new stuff and helps prevent messing up the on-line site.

So far here is what a newcomer (me) to gallery has surmized (learned), and experienced.

It probably is a good idea to password protect the main gallery.

It is a good idea to have more than one user registered. Maybe even have more than one user with admin priviledges.

Forget using the network (samba shares) to upload and download. I have several win98 machines and several debian machines on the network here. Samba shares works, sometimes. Other times I get into permission and password problems. Then, the fact that my host is not on an LAN samba share pretty much indicates I should be using ftp.

So that is what I did. Use ftp and make sure you can log onto the target computer or computers. (I have two ‘sandbox’ gallery installations on two debian machines.)

Also use ftp to upload photos. You don’t have to do it that way. You can also upload photos via browser by browsing for file names on your computer, but that is a very slow and tedious way of uploading because you have to select each and every file individually. You can zip all those files and upload one zip. That is a little faster but you still have to zip the files.

The best way I have found is to process the photo files and put them in an upload directory on the local machine. Here you can view them. Make sure they are what you want. Edit where needed. Massage everything to look like what you need the new album to be. Then upload the entire directory via ftp to a specially defined directory on the gallery server. That specially defined directory can be specified on the admin general setup page. The directory and path must first exist on the server.

Once that has been accomplished, merely select ‘from local server’ when you get to the point where you are adding items to an album. That term ‘local server’ is a little misleading. It has to do with references. In this case ‘Local’ refers to the locale and machine that is running the gallery software as a server. It does NOT refer to your locale. So, you see, the ‘local server’ could be in a galaxy far, far, away as long as you can communicate with it and ftp to it.

So, you have selected the ‘from local server’ option. Now select ‘find files’. It will list all the files in the directory that you have defined. This is your last chance to make sure these are the files you want. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you can select all the files in the list by checking one box. Then select ‘add files’ and wait. Or come back later.

If you do mess it up, you can always erase any individual files that got uploaded by mistake. You can also erase (delete for good) complete albums, sub-albums, or the entire gallery. So be careful.

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