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One of these days I am going to leave well enough alone. Today I am going to bed early. For the past four evenings I got into the biggest mess yet with the Gallery installations.

I have three Gallery2 ver 2.1.2 installations. Two on the LAN and one on this server. All three of them got screwed up before I figured out how to fix them.

It all started when I decided I wanted bigger thumbnails spaced closer together than what the default would allow. Seemed easy enough to do but somewhere along the line the WPG2 widget quit displaying thubnails.

The next few nights were spent recreating thumbnails for nearly 1000 pictures over, and over and over……I think you get the idea.

I never did figuire out what I did wrong or didnt do right. I could not figure out how to get back to where I started by fiddling with configurations. Guess, maybe it would have been a good idea to save the working configuration before tweaking it. I ended up deleting everything and starting over.

I still dont know what caused the problem. Most likely playing with stuff I did not fully understand. The fix was to re-install and not mess with the default setup.

All three WordPress/Gallery2 installations are now working. I am not looking forward to any ugrading anytime soon.

Trying to upgrade this combination on the production server was the pits. I finally just uploaded a new, virgin copy of Gallery2 into a seperate Gallery2 folder and started from there.

Afraid to do any tweaking now for fear of loosing the thumbnails again. WPG2 without thumbnails is the pits. Although I know you can run it that way. I can’t imagine why anyone would run it without thumbnails.

Now I need to see about backing up the Gallery2 database containing the photos. I can see how loosing that would be a big deal.

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