Surprize!!, Surprize!!

Shades of Gomer Pile.

I too was surprized today. No, not pleasently. At least I was not please when I was surprized.

I just love those email clients that squelch spam.

I use Thunderbird and so far it has done a fair job in eliminating stuff I did not request.

Today I decided to check up on some free blogs I started on the WordPress site. About a month ago, I got creative and created over a dozen free blogs on the free hosting WordPress site. Sort of let my creativity pig out. Sorry, wordpress folk, I just could not resist. Since then I have come to my senses and realise that if these child blogs are to have any reasonable future, I need to invest in some more domain names and add them to the server this thing uses.

It had been about a month since I had any activity on these sites. That is far too much time for my memory cells. I had no idea what the password was and had not written it down. That is probably good because as I understand it, you are not suppose to write down passwords.

So I had to use the ‘recover password’ feature that WordPress allows. Having spent the last week with Gallery2 I figured that WordPress also would allow changing passwords on-line. No, it don’t work that way and there is nothing documented to tell you otherwise. You figure that a user flakey enough to loose his password also qualifies for special newbie treatment. No, you are just dumped into the dark to fend for yourself.

The password was recovered. Well actually, the password was changed and the change was deliver in the form of an email which my email client decided was spam, so I never got to see it.

It was not until I brought up a new Debian-Etch machine, installed an mail client on it, and tried, once again to get onto my ‘free’ wordpress accounts that I realized what was happening.

Okay, okay, I know, it is all my fault for being stupid. I still think there are things that could be done externally to keep us from being so stupid.

Like making the ‘turn on cookies’ request on the login screen go away after cookies are turned on. Or informing the user that there will be two emails. One to validate and the other containing the new password.

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