WD Passport

Hard go believe it is a new year again. I guess it is actually the first day of the first month of a new year.

Got to hope this year will be different but I have a feeling it will be much like most years before it. The same people making fools of themselves, the same militants seeking to destroy the opposition, the same criminally insane claiming God speaks to them, in short SSDD. Or in this case SSDY.

Ah but there is a silver lining to those dark clouds. I got lots of toys for Christmas. Carrying bags for the iBook, a nice robe, a nice red cap that has a Durango label across the top, a nice pullover that appears to be made of fleece, an assortment of used hard drives varying from 8gig to 60gig in size, lots of fine lesser gifts, and a Western Digital Passport.

I have been cursing XP for so long I have forgotten that it can be a very nice chunk of software at times. Passport installation was a matter of plugging it into one of the USB 2.0 ports and booting the computer. After logging on I got a balloon message telling me windows found new hardware. Some time later, I got another balloon message telling me that windows had installed the new hardware.

No problems at all and no need to find drivers, or load software, or howl at the full moon. My first thought was that XP is not so bad after all. After reflecting on that for a few seconds it suddenly became clearer to me why I dislike most Microsoft stuff.

Balloon messages are not only childish, they are also worthless. Hence they have no redeeming features or rights to exist.  I find it troubling  that Microsoft continues to waste my time and computer resources on useless triviality while apparently forgetting to tell me about things that matter.   I did not need the computer to tell me it found new hardware. After all, I was the one who installed it. Then, if it was going to automatically load the required drivers why tell me about it. I got better things to do than watch a computer pat itself on the back.

This is the sort of annoying, needy, activity one often finds in people who are so hopelessly incompetent that they have to take out full page ads in the paper to let the world know when they stumble across something they have done correctly.

At least that is my take on the situation.

Now the Passport is quite a different story. It looks to be built around a 2.5 inch drive and I have no idea where they put those 120gig of data. Having had mixed results when using Western Digital products in the past, I just hope the thing lasts long enough for me to be able to fill the drive more than once.

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