The Rest of the Story

I have finally become convinced that what you hear, read, see on any media source could very well be misleading, in error, or complete nonsense.  This is especially true if the tale is full of emotion eliciting details and/or lacking those details.

Some of these attempts at deception indict themselves.  For instance, any story that begins with ‘what would Jesus do’ immediately tells us it has been crafted by an unholy blasphemer on a slide to hell who is searching for company on the way down.

Others may not be so easily recognized.

This morning I listened to a story regarding a man flying the american flag on a newly installed flagpole.  He was being fined 1200 dollars a day for not complying with the local statutes regarding flag flying.

His claim was that he was being persecuted for being a patriot flying a flag.

The rest of the story is that he is actually a moronic lawbreaker flying a flag from an 80 foot flagpole when the safety ordinance only allows flagpoles of 40 foot maximum height.

There appear to be lots of reports of this type throughout the media.  Half truths were only one aspect of the story is revealed.  In otherwords, propaganda.

So, beware.  Just because you hear something outrageous on your favorite talk show does not mean the outrage is warranted. Could be the only thing outrageous is the talk show host himself.

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