All Band Antenna Solution

After kicking this subject around for decades, I have finally decided on the best solution for my purposes.

I already have a multiband beam which covers 20, 15, and 10 meters. All I really need now is a multiband dipole (inverted-vee) for 80, 75, 40, and 30 meters.

Since I already have the 40 meter traps, all I need to build is the 30 meter traps to cover that additional band.

It is going to be a cloud burner on 80 and 75 because the apex is only going to be about 50 feet high, but on 40 it might do better and it will be close to a flattop dipole on 30 at a decent height.

My only concern is that the bandwidth will suffer because of the traps. Then that is no big deal. I don’t do much frequency hopping now and don’t intend to change my operating habits.

Although I am not considering the remaining two WARC bands at all for now, it will be possible to include them in a two band beam mounted on the second mast which now holds a vertical antenna.

Or, I might just modify the 40 meter vertical to cover those two bands.

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