Spaghetti Sauce

We used to use Prego or Ragu. Now we use tomato paste. Why? Because a can of tomato paste costs about 20 cents while a jar of Prego or Ragu is more that 2 dollars.

You save about 1.50 per jar. Say you have spaghetti or pizza once a week and use one jar of sauce a week. Fifty-two weeks in a year times 1.50 is $78.00 saved over a years time. Not much right? Okay, then send me a check for that amount and see if you miss it.
The savings is not the only reason to make your own sauce. If we make it ourselves, we can control the amount of salt in the sauce.

The actual cost of turning a can of tomato paste into a jar of spaghetti sauce is a little more than 20 cents. You have to add basil, onion, garlic, and sugar or splenda. The actual amounts as follows.

One can of tomato paste

Three cans of water.

Two healthy pinches of basil

Two healthy pinches of minced garlic

Two table spoons sugar or splenda

One quarter medium sized onion minced.

Heat in a sauce pan after all has been added and combined. Heat it at a simmer until the onion cooks into the sauce. Add some chopped green bell pepper at the end for taste. Same for pepper, and other seasonings you might consider appropriate.
Takes about an hour or two to finish cooking. Then let cool and pour into an empty Prego or Ragu jar. Refrigerate.

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