Blems are tires that are blemished but otherwise servicable. They are usually offered at reduced prices and available through most discount stores dealing in auto parts.

Several years ago I maintained a membership at a local and famous wholesale store selling everything from tires to grocery items. A membership cost $30 a year but I could justify it by my purchase of tires at a much reduced rate. These were belms and the saving was significant.

One year I decided to replace all four tires on my truck and took off half a day from work to get the job done. Half way through the mounting of the tires I was informed by the technician that he could not get the tires to balance without adding a great deal of additional weight. So much so that he was unable to install the hubcaps.

Suddenly I came to the realization that I had stumbled into a store selling rejects instead of belms.

I had them remove the offending tires, reinstall the old ones, and made it clear that I would not expect to be charged for their foolishness and due a full refund.

I have not been been back there since and have shared my experience with all my friends.

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