Choosing an Automobile Dealership

The dealership is where most people will buy their vehicle be it new or used. Once you decide on model and style, how do you decide where to buy it?

Now I may be entirely off base here. It could be that all dealerships are alike enough so that picking one over another has no advantage. In that case, you mlght pick one that is close to where you live. Or, after reading this story, you may decide not to do business with any dealership.

I once had a truck that had a gas gauge stuck on empty. It only got about 15 miles to the gallon so I became very good at gauging distance. One hundred and fifty miles max between fill ups. That allowed a generous allowance which should have assured that I would not be fool enough to run it out of gas.

This worked for two years before I finally did run it out of gas. It quit on me while I was about two miles from home. It quit on a freeway just south of an overpass. To the right of me was an access road and to the right of that was a large Chrysler dealership.

I walked up the hill to the dealership to use their telephone. They allowed me the use of their phone and I called for a cab to take me home. The cab never showed up but over the next 30 minutes I got quite an education.

One lady in particular, was at her wits end to get satisfaction. Seems she had bought a brand new Chrysler van. It developed some sort of brake problem and this was the third time she was bringing it back to have it repaired. It was not just the brake problem than had her dissatisfied, it was the lack of service too. She had paid extra for super fast service and did not consider having to leave the van at the dealership overnight super or fast. The dealership folk were unsympathetic and almost rude, indicating that if she did not want to leave the van , she could get it repaired elsewhere.

As I sat in the waiting room, listening to dissatisfied customers, I noticed a regular stream of tow trucks. They would pull into the back lot towing a vehicle and exit on the other side without the vehicle. Either they were moving cars or in the repo business, or servicing other dissatisfied customers.

As one of the tow truck drivers stopped, I went outside to talk to him. He agreed to give me and my truck a ride home for 30 dollars.

That was nearly ten years ago. I have never been back there since and I have never run out of gas again either. Amazing what you can learn about a place just by being a fly on the wall.

So, if you have selected the car of your dreams and located a dealership that has it in stock, give them a visit as a motorist in need and see what sort of samaritans they really are. You may be surprised.

You might well wonder why I had it towed if it only ran out of gas.  Who, me, run out of gas?  Impossible!  It sat  unused for two weeks until I was finally goaded into pouring some gas into the tank.  Started right up.

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