Too Many Antennas

I have always been of the mind that you cannot have too many antennas. This is particularly true if you have more than one radio. The happy ham has antennas to serve all his radios.

I have three radios so I guess that means I am not completely happy yet but I did progress toward that end this weekend.

Back to ATUs and balanced line. One ATU is attached to a vertical L style antenna with 300 ohm twin lead. This particular vertical works well on all bands from 20 meters up. After next weekend it should also work well on 40.

A second ATU is attached to an 88 foot non-resonant dipole. This dipole has its center up at 50 feet with one end at 30 feet and the other end at 20 feet. Not exactly an inverted vee but starting to approximate that shape. This antenna is driven with 300 ohm twin lead too and works well on all bands 80 thru 10 meters.

A third antenna is the beam up at 55 feet. It is a KLM KT-34. A nice triband four element affair that works wonders on 20, 15, and 10 meters.

A fourth antenna is a simple 40 meter inverted vee. Center up about 40 feet. Ends at 15 feet. This thing will soon be converted to a two element wire beam with switchable directivity favoring either east or west.

A fifth antenna is a two meter full wave vertical. Useful for local repeaters all the way to Fort Worth.

That leaves two coaxial transmission lines unused.

All these antennas are managed through a five position coaxial antenna switch that quickly selects beam, vertical, dipole, dummy load, or 40 meter inverted vee. This will not be the final setup but it is useful in evaluating the various antennas. Now I can get some useful comparisons between the vertical, beam, and dipole.

Later the all band dipole will be used with the TS-120 and homebrew 811 amp primarily on 75 meters.

The vertical and the beam will be used with the ICOM 737 and a Yeasu FL 2000B linear.

The 40 meter antenna will be used with a Drake C-line primarily for CW work.

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One Comment on “Too Many Antennas”

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    Hi Lothar,

    very interesting too many antennas! I hope too see your blog on
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    73 Fabio

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