Trip to IHOP

On a recent trip to OKC we stayed at a Hampton Inn. Nothing special. Fair service, clean, convenient. They provided WIFI internet service which was appreciated but I am pretty sure the cost was included in the basic price for the room. Nothing is free anymore and probably never was.

Within walking distance of the Hampton was an IHOP. I have seen IHOPs before and have written them off as a place where I would like to dine. They look like a Denny’s specializing in pancakes. I don’t consider pancakes as food qualifying as a meal and don’t need them as a snack either.

Since it was within walking distance of the hotel, we went to the IHOP. I was impressed. Very much like a Denny’s with a pancake fetish. However, if you were not interested in pancakes, there were lots of other choices available.

The menu seemed to sport some reasonable prices as well. Turns out the prices were more than reasonable. Large servings and plenty of food for under seven dollars on average.

I had the cheese steak sandwich. The menu cautioned that it was served with only french fries but I decided to risk possible disappointment.

Turns out the french fries were more like home fries and there were plenty of them. At least one whole potato worth. I was half expecting a kids order of greasy, stale, McDonnald’s shoe string potatoes. I was pleasently surprized.

The sandwich was also better than expected. A six inch sour dough bun with lots of meat. The meat was not super high quality steak but it was tasty, edible, and there was lots of it.

It was covered with melted cheese that was definately NOT velveeta like you get at Arby’s. Appeared to be swiss cheese. Very tasty and very good.

Well worth the seven dollar cost. We will be checking out other IHOPs to make sure this was not a single exception.

Just so I don’t leave you with the wrong impression, I have no quarrel with Arby’s. Decent prices and decent food. I just prefer melted swiss cheese to velveeta.

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