Antenna Tuners

I finally got a chance to check out my two new antennas. The vertical works fine using 300 twin lead to a Johnson KW matchbox. Good performance on 30 meters and up.

The homebrew Z-Match also works great on the 88 foot dipole using 300 ohm twin lead for feedline. Works great on all bands including WARC from 80 thru 10. This particular Z-match will handle up to 500 watts.

I was running out of room for all the equipment and it seemed that the Z-match might be better off sitting on a different part of the station shelf. The relocation was going to mean I would have to swap out the Z-match with the Johnson Matchbox but either tuner should work with either antenna.

Not so. Seems the Johnson Matchbox is not at all happy with the 88 foot dipole. 75 meters, 20 meters, and 10 meters seem to work just fine but it did not do well on the other bands. I am sure I could have corrected the situation by trimming the feedline but I have never been one to start cutting (or adding to) feedlines. I figure if they reach from antenna to rig they must be just the right length. Any matching issues need to be taken care of in the tuner.

So, it is back to the vertical with the Johnson Matchbox and the Z-match will be used on the 88 foot dipole.

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