Dusty Miller

About five years ago I bought fifteen dusty miller plants. I was very proud of my purchase because each pot seemed to contain three plants. Well, maybe not, but I was still able to separate the plants in each pot into three small dusty millers.

I planted them around the border of a new garden area that had previously been occupied by an multi-trunked boise’d Arc tree of considerable age. The thing must have been at least seventy-five years old. Old timers remember it being here when the subdivision was first established about 50 years ago.

Anyway, I let the dusty miller grow. A few years ago I transplanted about half of it. It did very well and was starting to crowd out other plants in the garden.

Today I dug up two huge dusty miller bushes in preparation for a spring upgrade to the garden. Going to see about planting some red flowering ground cover in place of the dusty miller. The red color should go well with the dusty miller remaining.

The point of this post is to warn prospective users of the dusty miller plant. It is pretty. Nice and greenish gray in color. Compliments nearly any decor. It also grows into bushes if you don’t trim it out on a regular basis. It likes to send out shoots of pretty yellow flowers that attract bees by the dozens. The flowers are not nearly as nice as the gray colored leaves and it takes a lot of pruning to keep them under control.

Over all, I guess the dusty miller is a good investment. The plants were certainly cheap enough. They are drought hardy and do well even in the recent reduced rainfall in north Texas. Low maintenance but not ‘no’ maintenance. They do require some pruning to keep them looking good.

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