More Multi-Band Antenna Experiences

The present setup is a 44 foot dipole (44 feet, non-resonant, per leg). A 27 foot vertical (also non-resonant). A tri-band beam and a two meter antenna.

Both non-resonant antennas are fed with 300 ohm twin lead and matched with an antenna tuner. A Johnson KW matchbox for the vertical, a homebrew Z-match for the dipole.

Evidently the dipole is a high impedance antenna when used on 75 meters. I can get a very good match but the tuner arcs at the 200 watt power level. Arcing is not at the capacitors but between the high impedance coil and its pickup loop. Better spacing or insulated wire should solve the problem.

Actual experience while running on 75 meters at the 200 watt level indicate a signal level from s-6 to s-9 with a contact 200 miles to the north. This contact is an old friend and we have had a weekly schedule on 75 meters for the last 15+ years.

Prior to using the non-resonant dipole, I was running about 500 watts to an 80/40 meter trap dipole and the signal was mostly 10db over 9. It cannot just be the reduced power. Appears the non-resonant dipole is not as good as the previous antenna on 75 meters.

I like the non-resonant dipole because it can cover any frequency from 80 thru 10 meters. Okay, so it is not a super good antenna, but it does work and I want to keep it.

So now the plan is to install a special, full sized, resonant dipole for 75 meters. Also, a special full sized, resonant dipole will be installed for 40 meters. The feed lines are already in place. It will simply be a matter of connecting enough wire to the insulators to get to resonance.

Once that is done, I will have all the antenna capability I think I will need for some time to come. Five feedlines to five antennas, three of them multi-band. Looks like I just might have enough to service the three rigs I have available. Now to figure out how to use all three rigs at the same time. Will probably end up with two rigs monitoring seperate bands while using the third rig to work a different band.

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