Shrimp Sauce

I have been putting off posting this because I don’t have the pictures ready yet, but this stuff is so good I decided not to wait any longer.

First off, you have to like shrimp. If not, forget it.

The sauce is thick and full of shrimp, both whole and cut up. It is intended to be used as a topping for noodles but works on rice too.

Start off by cooking up some shrimp. I buy a big bag of 30-40 medium sized raw, in the shell, shrimp. They have been de-vained and cleaned but are still in the shell. Dump them all into a big pot of boiling water. No need to thaw. Let them cook until they turn pink. Don’t over cook.

Pour off the water and save it. Strain the water to remove any shells and other unwanted debris. Then save the water and use it to cook rice or noodles. You will be surpised at how shrimpy the rice and noodles taste when they are cooked in shrimp water.

In a large sauce pan, prepare the soup stock for the sauce. One can of condensed mushroom soup, two cans of water, half an onion (diced), and six to twelve garlic cloves, fresh and minced or finely diced. Stir well to mix all that stuff together and let it simmer while the shrimp are shelled.

Shell the shrimp. There should be about three to four dozen shrimp. Take half the shrimp and cut them into smaller pieces and add them to the sauce. Add the rest of the shrimp later but leave them whole.

Season the sauce with salt for taste, pepper, and basil (if you like it). Add some more water if the sauce is too thick. You don’t want the sauce to stick and burn, so add water if needed. Simmer the sauce on low to medium heat for a one to two hours or until the onion and garlic is cooked into the sauce.

If the sauce is too thin at the end, add some flour to thicken it. Don’t just dump in the flour. Mix a tablespoon of flour at a time in a cup with water. Then add the mixture to the sauce. The sauce should be hot and close to the boiling point as you add the flour. The heat will cook the flour and thicken the sauce. Mixing the flour with water before adding prevents clumping.

This recipe makes enough sauce for four to six generous servings. Use it immediately or pour it off into jars for later use. I find that two salvaged Prego jars are enough to hold and save one recipe.

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