Gardening 2007

This years season started out as every other season. We made the rounds. First to a real nursery. Then to the home improvement center. Then back home to plant our purchases.

As usual the nursery was still specializing in annuals and high prices. On the way back from the nursery we passed by the A&M center on Coit and saw a sign advertising an A&M plant sale. We turned around and headed back to the sale.

They were nearly sold out but we still found enough to cost us nearly 40 dollars. Not complaining. Their prices were about half what the nursery was asking. We found some tomato plants, pepper plants, dwarf zinnias, and some very nice lantana.

oldlantana.jpgWe had bought some lantana years before at the home improvement center. It was yellow and took over the entire flower bed. Later we moved it to a side garden where it did not seem so out of place. It dies off in the fall but comes back in the spring. This spring is no exception. There are six very nice sized clumps of the stuff coming up just like they did last year.

newlantana.jpgThe new lantana has leaves that are a deep green and flowers that are deep red. It should go well amongst the yellow stuff we had planted earlier. Although there are only four of the new plants, we expect they will do well, grow quickly and rival the yellow lantana already established.

We still stopped at the home improvement center (handy homers, I call it). The plant section was somewhat of a disappointment when compared to the A&M plant place but we did find an 8 by 4 foot section of 3/4 inch oak plywood that followed us home.

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