Bruce Miller Nursery

I believe this is the fourth gardening post this spring. I also think it is the most important of the four.

Recall our disappointment at the high prices at Calloways in Plano. Maybe you don’t recall. Well drive up to Plano and look. You will see what we mean.

Those prices were so high that we thought we were getting a super deal at the A&M plant sale where we were only charged two bucks a plant.

The home improvement centers were mixed blessings. I just find it difficult to justify paying more than one dollar each for annual bedding plants.

Last week we received a 15% off card in the mail from Bruce Miller Nursery. My first thought was to ditch it but it re-educated me that their closest place of business was only a mile or so down the road.

Yesterday afternoon we gave Bruce Miller Nursery a visit. Not only did we get 15% off the asking price but the asking price was significantly lower than even the stuff we saw at the home improvement center. To top that off, their plants looked better than any we had seen anywhere this season.

A flat of 18 fairly large (3 inch pots), well established, plants for $14. Or $11.90 with the 15% discount. That comes to about 66 cents per plant and they looked every bit as good as the two dollar variety we bought at the A&M plant sale. To be honest the two dollar plants were in a larger pot, but three inch pots at 66 cents each are the best deals we have found in a long time.

Bruce Miller

Click on Bruce Miller above to get to their web site. Don’t expect too much on their web site. I was expecting pictures of plants with prices but did not find any. I had to go to their business location to find those. Well worth the trip.

Yes, their geraniums look just as good in real life as they do in that picture on their web site. Only Five bucks a plant. We got two.

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