We often hear candidates for political office claim that leadership is important and they can provide all the leadership anyone could want.

Look out Nelly! Any time a politician uses the leadership card you can bet that he is up to no good.

Leadership is a commodity that gets in the way of good representation. Not only that, but most leaders are convinced that they alone have the answers. Their answers are not open to debate. They are compelled to carry out their agenda and the activities that follow may be hazardous to ordinary normal people. It is not at all unusual for such persons to belong to organizations that also think they are the answer to all of humanities woes. The one true belief. The only path to salvation. The biggest lie ever swallowed.

History is full of leaders. David Coresh was a leader. Jim Jones was a leader. There were leaders demonstrating how to deal with heretics during the Spanish inquisition. Stalin was a leader. Hitler was a leader. All of these people were leaders by the simple fact that they had a following.

No, not all leaders are evil, but why take a chance? In a representative democracy we need representatives, not leaders. Since our political representatives do not have to be leaders why take a chance at attracting someone that has a personal agenda of evil.

Facts, just the facts. Find out what the candidate claims to do if elected. Research to see if he kept his promises in the past. See if he has changed his positions on issues near and dear to your own. Has he engaged in negative ads? Is he claiming to be a leader?

If a candidate cannot be trusted, is wishy washy on the issues, attacks his opponents instead of the issues, makes unsubstantiated claims of leadership, such a person is not fit for political office.

Of course we are all aware of those factors. Some of us may not be aware of how senseless claims of leadership really are. Strong leadership qualities benefit despots and dictators. Leadership qualities are not desired or useful in a democratic environment because they have potential to endanger the freedoms we hold dear.

Look at the most recent history. The history after WWII. Nearly all of the politicians who claimed to be leaders, lead us into adversity and harm. These so called leaders have grown government beyond all reason. It has become a nanny to the people. An nagging spiteful entity that is more interested in dictating every detail of our lives than helping us live in the freedom we desire. Expecting us to serve it instead of the other way round. As old offices of this dysfunctional governing body fail, they linger on and on, sucking up tax dollars while new offices are created to take care of the failures of the old. Yet only seem to promise even greater failures in the future.

We do not need leaders. We need representatives who can be trusted.

So when you hear some politician claiming to be a leader, show him how much you understand and appreciate his foolishness by voting for someone else.

Unfortunately it is becoming more and more clear that there may not be anyone else. At least no one who qualifies to past standards that seem to have disappeared overnight.

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