Picture Headers for Kubrick

I like variety. The header pictures on this site rotate randomly among pictures of ham gear, vacations, and some of the QTH.

The rotator is PHP code that I found on the internet. The pictures are formed using Paint Shop Pro.

The header has a 720 by 200 format (give or take a pixel or two). You will want to preserve that aspect ratio to minimize distorting the picture.

You need to save a copy of the normal Kubrick header. Plain blue background is fine. I found my header among the files of the Kubrick theme. I was also able to get a header template by trying to use kubrickr. Kubrickr is a web based header creation utility. It requires you to upload pictures to flickr, set the tags and license data properly, then select the picture, crop the section of interest, and save the result which should be a kubrick header. This would not work for me reliably. I kept getting a blank (black) header image. It works fine for a template to be used by Paint Shop. The Paint Shop solution is faster and everything is done locally on your computer.

Call up Paint Shop and browse to the directory containing your pictures. Select a picture and crop it to the 720 by 200 aspect ratio. Save the cropped portion by going to EDIT and selecting COPY.

Now open the file containing the copy of the Kubrick header you saved earlier. Select the magic wand from the menu at the left of the screen. Move the cursor to the area inside the header and click the mouse. A dashed line should appear around the active area of the header.

With the dashed line flashing, go to the EDIT function and select PASTE, further select PASTE INTO SELECTION. Wait until the picture appears in the header. It might take a couple of seconds.

Now save the new header to a file using SAVE AS. Give it a unique name.

That is it. New header picture is ready for upload to the server.

There are probably other ways of doing this. Maybe even better ways of doing this. The method described here works for me and is easy.

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