Requests for Advertizing Space

I use Akismet to take care of any spam that might be directed my way and onto the blog. Akismet is pretty efficient and about 99.9 percent effective. However, I still get one or two bits of spam a week disguised as comments to posts.

Comments to posts are welcome but must be reviewed and approved before they are posted to the blog. If I did not do that, I would have all sorts of morons competing to spam my posts. Unfortunately some people are denser than others and still try to advertize through the comment feature.

I view these as requests for advertizing space. Even if you disguise your name and falsify your email address to gain access to the commenting feature, I still get your IP address. A simple click on that IP address discloses who you are and where you originate. So you cannot really hide by submitting false information. Your IP gives you away everytime.

Having your IP address allows me to chose several options. If I wish, I can contact your ISP and request that he deal with your misuse of bandwidth. Not all ISPs are responsible enough to discourage spamers, so I can always block your IP or even the entire range of IPs assigned to your ISP.

A very creative but labor intensive remedy is to send the offender a registered letter informing him that further spam events will be considered default acceptance of an offer to provide bandwidth and storage space for that spam at a rate of $100 per occurance. Future occurances are then billed. After a number of billings go unpaid and unchallenged they are taken to small claims court where the judgement is usually against the spamer.

Or, I can offer you advertizing space on my blog.

Rates are $30 per month per ad payable through paypal. Your ad will appear in a radio button similar to the one used for paypal. Interested prospects can click on that button and it will take them to your website where you can provide more information.

We reserve the right to refuse ads for certain products and services.

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