Some not such a long time ago a certain bank ran some loud and boisterous radio commercials claiming immunity from ATM fees. Their bank customers could avoid being charged ATM fees if they submitted the receipts for credit, kept a 1000 dollar minimum balance in their accounts and met some other requirements that were lost in jibberish spouted by their fast talking lawyer at the end of the commercial.

I always view with suspicion those boisterous commercials proclaiming grand advantages for consumers. They almost always end up being some sort of scam.

Recently I began banking at Century bank. Century bank does not charge your account with ATM fees regardless of sex, gender, or account balance. You don’t need to submit receipts because they know when other banks try to stick you with an ATM fee. It shows up as an extra charge to your account when the ATM transaction clears.

Century merely takes care of that charge by NOT allowing it to be charged to your account. I am not sure how they square that with the bank that made the charges and I really don’t care. What is important is that I don’t have to pay any more ATM fees regardless of where the ATM is or who it belongs to. In addition, I do not need to do anything special to enjoy freedom from ATM fees. I just need to be a Century bank customer.

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