Made in China

Are the Chinese even capable of manufacturing products suitable for consumption by the west. Seems each week or so we find something that came from China that is tainted, poisoned, counterfeited, or otherwise unsuitable for use. It is not just by accident that quality seems missing in Chinese products. Fact is, the problems go far beyond any quality issues. Take a look at the list below.

Poisoned pet food ingredient.
Unsafe tires
Plush toys stuffed with hazardous waste
Cough syrup made from poisonous antifreeze
Tooth paste made form poisonous antifreeze
Counterfeited drugs
Seafood tainted with cancer causing chemicals
Lead paint on children’s toys

The items on that list did not become unsuitable by accident. They were produced to be unsuitable by design. The Chinese communists seem to be waging an undeclared war on us and are sending us tainted merchandise to poison us. They are attacking us using a low grade of chemical warfare. We just sit here and wonder why while they make all the motions of showing they care.

The latest news flash is that they guarantee that their products are safe. Take another look at the list above. Is there something lost in translation or are we being played for fools?

Any more when I find something interesting, at a decent price, I check to see where is was made. If it was made in China, I put it back because there is a better than average chance that if I purchase the item, it might kill me.

What about the importers? Are they Chinese too? Why is it this junk is well on its way to the consumer before we find out it is hazardous? Why doesn’t our government take some sort of action on our behalf. Are all our politicians sitting on their collective fat asses again stressing about earmarks and re-election? If they can’t find this stuff before distribution, what chance do they have of finding a suitcase nuke?

I can see it now. A Chinese suitcase nuke disguised as five kilos of mariuna smuggled across our southern border by one of those ‘guest’ workers and placed on the whitehouse lawn. Now there is another job Americans would not do.

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