Tasty Vegetables

We should eat more fruit and vegetables, so say the nutritionists.
We probably would eat more fruit and vegetables if they were prepared in a tasty way. Fruit is usually not a problem, but vegetables need help.

This vegetable salad has a sweet sour taste that is fresh and clean and very easy to make.

Start with a quarter cup of vinegar in a large bowl. Add three tablespoons of Splenda or sugar, a teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of pepper. Mix using a whisk.

Add three tablespoons of olive oil or salad oil and whisk the mixture until it is well combined. The oil is optional. You can leave it out without effecting the taste all that much.

Add a can or corn, a can of peas, a finely chopped onion, half a bell pepper (chopped), A finely chopped tomato, and a can of green beans. Mix everything with a spatula. Set aside in a refrigerator for an hour or two before serving.

Makes about 8 servings.

Most of the vegetables used here are soft vegetables. No carrots, turnips, or radishes. There is no reason why those other vegetables could not be used if you like them. Other possibilities are mushrooms, olives, squash, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage. The lettuce and cabbage should be shredded fine to mix better with the other vegetables.

You can also spice it up a bit by adding red pepper, chili powder, and other spices. The additional spices should be added to the dressing before adding the vegetables. That way the spices get more evenly distributed.

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