Professional Services

Here is a copy of an open letter to Professional Service providers that do direct mail marketing.

We thought you might find it interesting.


This is an open letter in response to your recent inquiry or mailing.

The number of unsolicited offers of professional services to this address have increased over the years. Generally they originate from vendors unknown.

I am sure you realize that marketing professional services in such an indiscriminent way is somewhat less than professional. It is not unlike marketing door to door. Such marketing might work for selling magazine subscriptions or Girl Scout cookies but it is inappropriate for the services you seek to provide.

You might want to consider the following before continuing to present yourselves in a less than professional manner.

1. If we have never heard of you, your salutation will find a home in the dustbin. We are not referring to brand recognition only. By ‘heard of you’ we are referring to positive knowledge of your services, recommendations of your services from trusted friends who have been your satisfied clients, or really big brand name recognition.

2. You may very well be an excellent provider of services but making the assumption that EVERYONE will want those services raises doubt about your judgement. When it comes to providing professional services judgement is a very important factor. Poor judgement in marketing makes prospects suspect such poor judgement may spill over into the services you seek to provide.

3. Prospects who are smart enough to realize they need professional services are also smart enough to investigate those qualified to provide such services. Such investigation does not include unsolicited referrals submitted by the service provider.

4. There are entirely too many ‘offers by mail’ that are misleading, too good to be true, and downright fraudulent. If you want to be considered a reputable provider of professional services, you do not want to be using marketing tools used by folk out to defraud.

5. Some offers of real estate and financial services are accompanied by an invitation to a ‘seminar’ with the lure of a free supper or lunch. The majority of these offers deal with products sporting sizable price tags or serious investment requirements on the part of prospective clients. In short, these products are in search of people with deep pockets. Unfortunately, people with deep pockets do not spend their time at seminars in search of a free lunch. So here we have a marketing strategy good at attracting people who are not qualified to purchase the products offered.

6. Mailings, handbills, repetitious radio and TV ads, all disclose the possibility that those using these marketing means are desperate for business. It makes prospects wonder about reasons for such desperation. This is particularly true when is comes to professional services of ANY kind. Successful professional service providers already have a client base. They have no need to beat the bushes or offer services to uninterested parties.

7. Congradulations on your sale of the house next door. However; it is not polite to toot your own horn as loudly as you have in your recent mailing to us. It is also somewhat presumptious of you to think that everyone else in the neighborhood wants you to sell their houses as well.

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