for the Children

This is what we are told by folks running questionable, even fraudulent charitable organizations. They put the bite on us by claiming it is for the children hoping the plea will pull at our heart strings.

Here is something that might pull at your brain strings.

When have children ever been sole principles, alone responsible for their own welfare? Okay, I will help you. The answer is NEVER!

Children are members of families. They may not be members of perfect families but most do have some sort of adult supervision.

Charities that minister to CHILDREN while ignoring their adult supervision are overstepping their bounds. There is no higher authority than a child’s parents when it comes to a child’s welfare. Charities that ignore this simple fact may also be ignoring other basic rules of society and family.

Such charities are not helping anyone but themselves and should be avoided like a plague. This includes politicians who claim their efforts are ‘for the children’.

Remember the bigger the lie, the easier it becomes to believe it. That does not make it any less the lie.

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