Health Care and Insurance

Be careful not to confuse the two. Health care is very different from Health insurance.

Like all types of insurance, health insurance is merely a way of easing the financial burden of health care expense. At least that is what it was designed to do initially.

It does not insure that you will remain healthy. Remaining healthy is more of a personal responsibility. Health insurance is supposed to provide funds for when you get sick. How well it does that can become questionable at times. It should be called sick insurance for more than several reasons.

Here is how health insurance has worked for me over the last 30 or so years. While employed and healthy my employer provided health insurance without any contribution from me. It was part of my benefits of being employed.

It worked well. If we were ill we could go to the doctor. Since we were young, healthy and safe, the heaviest charges for medical care were for the birth of my three children. All was paid for as well it should have been because there was considerable monies going for ‘Health Insurance’ every month.

As time progressed, we were introduced to PPOs, higher premiums, less employer paid for insurance, higher medical costs, and co-pay.

PPOs were created as a way of health insurance companies providing less than adequate care at a much reduced cost to them.

Higher premiums became the norm because of an unhealthy growth of the insurance industry. The larger it gets, the more money it wants.

Higher medical costs were largely from the burdensome overhead of paperwork generated by insurance companies. There were other factors involved not the least of which was inflation. (Inflation – the ability of government to print money without backing.)

Co-pay was a means of charging the insured monies over and above the premiums being paid for insurance.

The trend has been more money for the insurance companies and less medical care for the insured.

As we developed medical problems with age, the insurance premiums had a significant increase. Up to 1500 dollars a month at the end. So now we had to make a choice between using that money to provide our own medical care or giving it to the insurance company.

We no longer have health insurance. We cannot afford to pay for health insurance and medical care at the same time.

The real tragedy is that we have turned over thousands of dollars for health insurance over the years and have not received the medical care that they promised to provide. All that money is lost to us and now we find that it would be useful to provide the medical care we may need yet we have no recourse to recovering any of the funds that were stolen.

Now we are told that EVERYONE should have health insurance and I have to question as to why. Other than providing for the birth of three children our health insurance as done very little FOR us. If anything it has cause an unhealthy financial situation.

We are told that 47 million US citizens do not have health insurance and that is a bad thing. Yet that means that 253 million US citizens do have health insurance and I am not so sure that is a good thing.

When health insurance companies control our access to medical care, our medical care becomes marginal.

Now the government wants to take over the health insurance business and provide health insurance for all. In fact it is to become a requirement like taxes.

That is sort of like requiring all citizens to have homeowners insurance regardless of if they own a home.

No good can come of such an action.

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