What is your Phone number?

I go to purchase a half inch pipe cap at Lowes. I pay cash. The checker asks me for my phone number. I tell her I am from out of town. Thats okay, she still wants my phone number. She did not stop until I told her it was unlisted.

She claimed she needed my phone number in case I returned the merchandise. I smilled politely and got out of there without leaving my phone number.

I learned a long time ago not to become adversarial in the face of unreasonable requests. Just leave.

It occured to me that she might be confused. It was pretty obvious that I was not returning any merchandise.

Maybe she wanted to call me up for a date? Nothing wrong with her except she did not have a brain. Some might think that is the ideal date.

I suppose I am just paranoid but I refuse to give out personal information to strangers for no reason other than to satisfy someones desire to pry.

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