But Wait, that's not all

Ever wonder how those TV marketing scams work? The ones where they double your order for the same money claiming to give you so much more for your money. Just pay shipping and handling. Ever wonder why the stuff you see hawked on the boob tube is not ever available in stores?

Well, first off, that knife sharpener, jar opener, super hearing aid amplifier does not cost them anywhere near the asking price of around twenty bucks. They buy the stuff cheap and in quantity paying a couple of bucks per item.

Then they claim it is worth ten times that price. To make sure that you are enticed to buy they offer to double your order. You get two for the price of one, but in the fine print they charge you shipping and handling for each one seperately even though both items are shipped in the same carton.

When you receive the item you realise why it is not available in stores. Had you seen it before purchasing you would not have bought it. Shoddy workmanship, poor design, does not live up to the claims made on TV.

The fact that you fell for the two for one scam only saddles you with two useless items to remind you how badly you were taken.

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