Automatic Software Updates

Microsoft (and other software vendors) have been able to redeem themselves (somewhat) by offering free and automatic updates to their buggy software products. Errors and omissions can be corrected without having to go to the local computer emporium and buy additional software packages to correct the sins and omissions of programmers gone wild.

While this seemed to be a magnaminous gesture by vendors initially, it is becoming a royal pain in the ass to have a software vendor take control of your computer first thing after you turn it on in the morning. I could understand such activity if I were running a beta version of the software for evaluation, but the operating system is a full blown, officially released version of highly touted software that commanded a premium price when I bought it. At time of purchase there were no warnings about the vendor becoming a near dependent requiring the use of my computer. Had I know that in advance, I would have opted for something less demanding and more reliable.

Regular and frequent updates to officially released software products say volumes about the competence of the vendor. Sometimes I suspect that the convenience of the update mechanism encourages even less future competence since it is so easy to correct mistakes and omissions. Then there are the updates with suspicious titles like ‘Malicious software removal tool’. What Malicious software? Your buggy operating system is not exactly user friendly either! How ‘malicious’ does the software have to be before it qualifies for removal?

I also own an Apple laptop. Been a proud owner of the Apple for several years. Runs OS X. Apple updates their operating systems too. The last update occured over six months ago. Nothing since then. I guess they are not as concientious as Microsoft. Microsoft seems to offer updates on a daily basis.

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