Dish Network Spam

Over the last ten years we have used all the various cable and satellite services available. They all have one thing in common. They are overpriced and offer poor programming content. If you like movies, newly released movies, don’t waste your time and money on cable, use netflix. You will be amazed at how far five bucks a month will go.

Before cable we had about six channels and nothing worth watching. Now we have hundreds of channels and still nothing worth watching and we are paying for the abuse.

We recently dumped the cable and satellite services in favor of a new fiber optic service but the programming did not improve. The only consolation is that we are paying about half of what it cost us before and we get broadband internet access to boot.

After we closed our Dish Network account we got several calls from them wanting to know why we closed the account. Is there a diplomatic way of telling someone their service or product is substandard and their prices are too high, or both? And how come they did not already know that?

We use webmail for our email accounts. Webmail allows us to access our email from anywhere in the world using any computer that has internet access. We are no longer tied to the one computer that had our email account and messages and contact list. We are no longer tied to one flakey ISP who takes our email address with him as he goes belly up. Webmail also has an effective means of dealing with spam.

We usually nuke the spam folder on a regular basis but not always without taking a look at the trash it has collected. Who knows, some important message could have been automatically mistaken as spam.

Imagine our surprise when we noted several spam messages had come from Dish Network!

We make it a rule not to do business with telephone solicitors or spamers. These are the lowest of the low when it comes to vendors. We are firm believers in ‘trust but verify’ If you can’t verify someone, they can’t be trusted. Spammers and telemarketers cannot be verified or trusted. They have absolutely no regard for the privacy of prospective customers and usually have the poorest of services and products. We never thought that Dish Network would stoop so low as to join the spammers.

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