An Asylum run by the Inmates

Woke up this morning about 7:30 thinking I had plenty of time. Woke up again around 8 and realized it was really 9. I did get to talk to my normal 9am sched on 75 meters. They are fine and say hello.

We talked about what we would do with all the daylight we were saving. We finally decide the best thing to do was to turn off the lights and go back to bed. Made more sense to save electricity than daylight

Had a dream that I was attending a McCain rally. I could tell it was a McCain rally because it was raining and everyone was crying. Even McCain was crying. The entire crowd was circled around a hole in the ground. At the bottom of the hole lay a coffin that had a ‘Free Speech’ banner pasted across it.

After I woke up I began to wonder what an Obama rally would look like. Lots of happy, delerious folk talking about how they were changed. Everyone was 29 years old or younger. Some felt so good about it they passed out unconcious (drugs?). Used to be they had money. Now all that was changed and everyone was dirt poor. No more crime and envy. With everyone poor there was no need to be unhappy about someone having more than you. You gave all your money to Obama and he provided change. Glorious change! There was not a wet diaper to be found on anyone anywhere.

Then I thought about a Hillary rally. She was surrounded by deleriously happy people too. They were all happy because they had free health insurance. No health care just insurance, but you didn’t need health care because no one got sick anymore. They all had health insurance that modified their behavior so they did not get sick. Those that did not feel well did not feel well for long. Without health care they died. Everyone was dirt poor too because they had to pay up front for the free, mandatory, health insurance.

Still working on a Bush rally. With his superior view of reality, economic genious, and military strategery its going to take some particularly creative writing to pin him down.

And now for something completely different. Welcome to the tower of babble. Or is it the babbling tower of power?

# Choose Language
# Auto
# English (US)
# English (UK)
# Deutsch
# Español
# Português (Brasil)
# Português (Portugal)
# Français
# Italiano
# Nederlands
# Polski
# Svenska
# Norsk (Bokmål)
# Suomi
# Dansk
# Български (try to say that 3X real fast)
# Hrvatski
# Magyar
# Slovenský
# Slovenščina
# Українська
# Tiếng Việt
# Ελληνικά
# Íslenska
# Bahasa Indonesia
# Català
# Český
# Eesti keel
# हिन्दी
# Lietuvių
# Română
# Русский
# Filipino
# Hebrew
# Arabic
# Bahasa Melayu
# Latin

Or just press 1 for Mexican and 2 for English.

Never knew that ‘Auto’ was a language. Don’t recall pulling that one out of my rear. Perhaps it fell out on its own.

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