Web Mail

As far as I am concerned Web Mail is the only way to do email. I use google web mail.

Normal email is ISP specific. You set it up with an email client program, fuss with setting POP and SMTP addresses, and other stuff including getting the program to learn the difference between spam and desirable email if the software has such function.

Once you have completed the standard setup your contacts list, emails that have been down loaded, and any other email specific information is stored on your computers hard drive on the computer you used to install the email software. You now have to be physically present at that particular computer or you will not be able to use the email feature to full advantage. Not only that but you are also tied to the ISP. Change ISPs and you also need to change your email address and let everyone know about the change. That is normal, standard email.

Web Mail takes all the email stuff you normally store on your local machine and stores it for you on a server provided for that purpose. Google provides the server at no charge to you for storing up to 6gig of email data. Now it no longer matters where you are or what computer you are using. You can use any computer anywhere in the world at any time. All you need is an internet connection and you have full access to your email system.

I have been using web mail for the better part of a year now. I particularly like the way google provides spam filtering. It works well and has completely eliminated any spam.

The system here is fully implemented with its own domain name and a few special features provided through google.

As it stands the system will support 100 email addresses and provide complete control over those addresses. You can activate, delete, or suspend any and all of the 100 addresses in your system. This feature becomes more important if and when you should start attracting spam. Normally spam is handled by the web mail software without need for any attention from the user. However sometimes an address will attract spam for whatever reason. You can ignore it but it will not go away. To make it go away you have to suspend the offending address and let it run open like that for a week or more.

An email address in suspension will result in bounced messages. Every email sent to the bad address will be sent back to the originator with a note declaring the address to be unreachable. Spammers will eventually remove such notes along with the addresses causing such action. Once all your spammers get the message, you will no longer be receiving any spam.

Now, if you wish, you can restore the emal address and its account.

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