AT&T has a Secret

We are ATT u-verse subscribers. Have been for the better part of six months now. Basic cable TV service and broadband internet.

About a month ago we got a large postcard from AT&T announcing a free weekend of HBO. It was being offered as a promotional effort presumably to show us what we were missing.

The free HBO weekend was to occur starting March 20. It is now March 29 and still no free HBO weekend. We have come to the conclusion that we are not missing anything by not having HBO.

Today we get another very large postcard from AT&T announcing that we can upgrade to a better cable service with them. I-DID-NOT-KNOW-THAT!!!! Imagine that, if I were made of money and short on brains I could pay much more for some more bad programming content. No thanks.

Just to be fair I will have to admit that the card also offered the first months additional programing at no extra charge. The card was also painfully deficient in letting me know how much more I would be paying for the extra service in the second month and all months thereafter. Guess it is a secret.

Now why do you suppose AT&T would act as though they do not want their customers to know how much more an upgrade would cost? Could it be that the price increase is not worth the additional service? Could it be that the additional service is substandard, that program material selection is not really better than the basic service.

Perhaps. When you are offering your customers an additional service expecting to charge them more money, you don’t want to scare them off by telling them how much it will cost.

Sounds to me like the kind of misdirection politicians are famous for.

So what is the secret? Seems to me AT&T is being run by politicians. Either that or folk that have similar techniques and objectives. Objectives that seem to put AT&T profit ahead of customer satisfaction. Politicians can get away with that sort of nonsense. The private sector demands better treatment. Ask those who were involved with the old Comcast cable service.

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