Nationwide is on your Side

I must have heard that radio ad several times a day for a month before realizing how stupid it was. If I pay someone to insure me against loss I would expect them to be on my side. Why would I pay an insurance company not to be on my side? Moreover what are they implying? Seems that they are suggesting some insurance companies may not be on the customers side. Now an insurance company stupid enough to suggest such idiocy may well be stupid enough to act on it.

The next time I heard the Nationwide ad, I listened to it to see if there were other anomilies or implications. Sure enough, at the end of the ad a squeeky, fast talking voice declared that the insurance might not be available in all states. Seems that Nationwide is not really nationwide. Makes you wonder if the insurance would insure you in states where it were not available. Makes you wonder what Nationwide did to get ejected from states where it is no longer available. Suppose maybe it had to do with which side they were on?

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