Drawer slides

About six months ago my neighbor remodeled his kitchen. Remodeling entails throwing out the old stuff and replacing it with new stuff. Sometimes the new stuff is not any better than the old stuff but it is new.

Turns out that the old cabinet drawers were still in fairly good shape. They were constructed of good lumber instead of compacted sawdust and looked as though they would hold together for another thirty years. So I took them. I was going to use them under some work benches in the garage to hold assorted hardware and tools.

Now, six months later, I decided it was high time to turn the clutter of cabinet drawers into something useful. Took a look at cabinet drawer slides. Found all kinds of cabinet hardware in various sizes and grades. The only thing the selections had in common were that they were expensive. At the high end was a pair of slides priced at $300. Of course they were rated to support 500lbs of drawer and contents even with the drawer extended. Shipping was $25 and screws were extra. Since I had acquired the drawers for free, super slides did not impress me as a good investment. I decided to see how my kitchen cabinets were constructed. After all, they had drawers that had slid reliably for over 40 years.

Turns out that my kitchen cabinet drawers slide on hardwood rails treated with talcum powder or soap. Works very well. Very possibly support up to 500 lbs and does not require me to pay for shipping and handling. I did not have any hardwood to make slides but I did have lots of pine board and some solid oak 2X2s. I cut a few thin slivers of oak off the 2X2s and used them to surface some soft pine board. Works really well as a slide and I don’t have to worry about ordering special purpose screws to mount the slides.

I doubt my installation will support 500lbs but neither will the drawers. Besides I can’t afford to own such heavy tools or hardware.

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