Final Thoughts on Drawer Slides

Yes, you do need top and bottom slides on each drawer to keep the drawer from tilting up when opened. Fortunately only the top drawer needs extra slides on its top edge. The drawers below the top drawer can use the bottom slides of the drawer above them to act as top slides.

Bottom slides that have an L cross section take care of basic drawer support as well as providing side to side stability. If L rails cannot be used the area between the front and back slide supports needs to be made continuous (front to back) for a width of about an inch to keep the drawer from jamming as they twist from side to side.

Soap was rubbed onto the surfaces that have drawers riding on them. You don’t need lots of soap. A little does just fine and allows the drawers to slide well.

Didn’t use any drawer stops. Turns out our kitchen drawers don’t have stops either. Our kitchen drawers have been in use for 60 years without any having been pulled out of the cabinet.

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