Is it Hardware or is it Microsoft?

When you are dealing with the lowest bidder in both software as well as hardware (Microsoft and China) you don’t deserve superb results all the time.

For the last few months I have been living with lousy results and blaming the software.

Last week the computer finally refused to boot. Maybe because it was boycotting the lousy software. Or so I thought.

Turns out the power supply had finally given up the ghost (or whatever it is that makes it work).

Went to Microcenter and bought another made in China bit of computer junk but this one works and the limited three year warranty gives us a false sense of security. But we will enjoy proper operation while it lasts.

With the new power supply performance is back to original levels. I have no idea how this computer even worked with the old power supply. Then again, maybe it did not work and I was not smart enough to realize it had a problem. Now all those annoying, quirky malfunctions are gone and the computer appears to be running at a speed indicative of a higher speed machine.

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